Teaching is phenomenal...

By Christina M.

My son is currently taking lessons at this local music shop and area landmark. The level of teaching he is receiving is phenomenal. This music store has a beautiful selection of guitars, with a nice window for price. Whether your are buying a guitar for a beginner, or you are a pro, they have something for you. They usually have a drum kit or two as well as a keyboard or piano on the floor

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Posted on May 13, 2012 .

first starting out

by Calvin M.

friendly employes always willing to lend there knowledge and or opinion and help you any which way they can. although there insterment selection isnt too large its still a great place to play if you are just begging.

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Posted on June 26, 2010 .

Nationaly-known percussion artist...

By  D. Master Shirt   

I feel honored to have a Nationally known Percusion Artist, Paul Richards as my drumming teacher! He is an unbelievable teacher! A graduate from Ohio State University and Majored in Music! Pauly, your are the man and my mentor! It is my opinion that you could waiste Neil Pert in a drum off! Fill and Riff away baby! Keep it up! Your brother from another mother! Peace Out! David! 

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Posted on April 25, 2010 .

Nice place

by Shilo M.

This is a nice little place to stop into. I think their rates a slightly high on some things but overall they are pretty reasonable. They have a nice variety of equipment, and the atmosphere is good. It's actually kinda fun just to go in and look around even if your not buying anything.

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Posted on March 26, 2010 .